Why Are Car Rides So Much Fun

October 23, 2019


There is nothing dogs enjoy more than to stick their heads out the moving cars any chance they get and although there is no bullet-proof evidence as to why canines are so persistent with this behaviour there are many plausible theories.

One of the most convincing theories is that they love the olfactory stimulation they get from riding in a car with an open window.

Most humans enjoy the scenery when they ride but their fury companions actually enjoy all the smells that pass by a moving car.

An average dog has 225 million receptors in the olfactory membrane, which is 45 times more than us.

Their sense of smell is their guide through the world they live in and an over stimulation they get from sticking their heads out the window of a moving car is practically like going to the movies or a concert.

Although no specific research has been done to corroborate this theory, dog owners will agree that it sounds more than logical.

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