Why You Should Use Dog Litter Or Fake Grass

December 9, 2019


For all you dog owners who work long hours and need to leave your pup home alone for long periods of time, here’s an article that should convince you to go with a litter box or fake grass.


Dog litter boxes and fake grass are pretty convenient as they offer a great alternative to taking your dog outside when he needs a bathroom break.

Of course, both litter box and fake grass require some daily management and cleaning, but it will solve all your litter problems when you are forced to leave your pooch home alone.

The litter must be scooped and replaced, and litter does require replacement periodically, but it still beats hiring someone to look after your dog.

Cleaning Techniques

Dog litters are usually made of materials such as recycled newspaper or wheat, so you must find the soiled areas and scoop them out completely. It is recommended you clean it every day, preferably after each time your dog uses the box.

Make sure you remove all the litter and scrub the container thoroughly at least once a week. This way you will be able to keep odors to a minimum.

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Fake grass indoor potties, on the other hand, are little more advanced and they have reservoirs in the bottom to catch urine. This prevents the odor to some extent, but they still should be emptied and cleaned on a daily basis, while the top turf also needs daily rinsing.

Regular cleaning is essential if you want to prevent the smells. The indoor potty is prone to quickly developing an odor that permeates your entire house. However, it is perfect if you want to keep those annoying neighbors away.

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