This Will Make You Laugh! Dog Casually Walks On Stage To Listen To Orchestra Play Bach

June 30, 2019

funny dogs

“I’ll be Bach!” said the hilarious Labrador who gave us one of the most hysterical moments in the history of classical music, and canines also, for that matter.

This heart-melting moment when a Lab (with highly refined taste in music, apparently) casually and slowly walked onto the stage while the Vienna Chamber Orchestra was playing the German great’s Symphony No. 4.

This whole shebang happened in Ephesus, Turkey, and the audience couldn’t help but giggle and clap their hands off.

Watch full video below:

One Classy Lab

In this amazing video, we can see the art-loving but not so impressed doggo sheepishly approach from the left of the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, making a quick yawn and taking residence by the first violin.

Rather expectedly, this viral video sent the internet into a pun-making overdrive. Here are just some of the witty names:

  • Woofgang Amagoodboy Mozbark
  • Ludwig van Barkthoven
  • and, of course, Johann Sebastian Bark.

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