3 Quick And Effective Ways To Tire Out Your Dog

August 4, 2019

effective ways

Are you struggling to find new ways to exercise and exhaust your overly energetic pooch?

If the answer is yes and this is your situation on a daily basis, your canine friend needs some new activities and you will have to pull out the big guns.

Some dogs, regardless of the breed, tend to have more energy than others, especially if they are younger and every second spent with you is an opportunity to play and go berserk, no matter what time of day it is.

If your pooch is like my Fido, which means even a 2 hour walk simply won’t cut it, then you need to check out the big guns we mentioned before.

Here we have some simple yet effective canine activities that will give your exuberant four-legged friend a lot of physical exercise in a short amount of time, thus tiring him or her out pretty nicely.

1. Flirt Stick

This one is a bit evil, but hey, it gets the job done.

A flirt stick (also known as flirt pole) is simply a long stick with a lure attached to its end by rope. As you move the pole around the lure moves along with it, enticing your goofy pooch to chase.

Watch a video of a flirt stick being properly used below:

Aside from providing useful physical exercise, flirt sticks are quite mentally stimulating. And the best thing is that these flirt poles utilize your dog’s instinct to chase in a non-destructive manner.

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2. Frisbee

Should you have a dog that knows how to catch one of these, playing Frisbee is like a game of fetch but on steroids (and is pretty useful for those of us who can’t really throw).

Since most of us can toss a Frisbee way further than a tennis ball or a baseball, this game is perfect for those who need a new and healthy way to tire out their pooch.

You’ll agree, it doesn’t get much easier that standing in the park and merely tossing a frisbee while Fido does all the hard work. He’ll sleep like a baby once you get home, believe us.

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3. Chasing Bubbles

No, we are not talking about that cool documentary of the same name (although we recommend it), we are talking about one of the easiest and rather hilarious ways to tire out your furry friend – teaching him to chase bubbles.

In case your dog doesn’t know how to chase bubbles, or is simply indifferent towards the whole thing, start by blowing one or a couple at a time at first. Point to the soap bubbles and encourage your pet to chase them around and “bite” them.

If he/she isn’t responding, catch some of the bubbles yourself so your pooch will see that there’s nothing to worry about, and that it is a fun bonding (and exhausting) experience.

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