3 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

August 23, 2019


There’s no better life than a life as a dog owner: you go through this dim world with a small, furry, unconditional love machine that is your canine companion.

Dogs still enjoy the status of being “man’s best friend” without even being aware of it.

And here’s why…

Dogs Boost Your Mood

Unlike the notoriously indifferent cats, dogs provide endless love and affection and are proven by science to boost your mood.

A study conducted by the University of Missouri-Columbia shows that even just a few minutes of petting a dog releases a serious cocktail of feel-good hormones, including:

  • serotonin,
  • prolactin,
  • oxytocin.

While it also decreases the stress hormone cortisol, which is great for fighting depression.

Dogs Are Good For Your Overall Health

According to the British Journal of Health, dog owners are shown to have:

  • lower blood pressure,
  • lower cholesterol,
  • fewer heart attacks.

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Dogs Make You A Better Person

Our canine friends teach us to be responsible, selfless, tolerant and patient, even though we don’t even realize it.

It comes with the territory.

Training your furry little rascal to be obedient, good and to follow orders, makes you a better person, while it also properly prepares you for future parenthood.

Also, there’s a language barrier, so dog owners need to learn to be extra patient.

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