3 Simple But Effective Tips For Problem Behavior

July 21, 2019

Problem Behavior

The one thing all dog owners have in common is having to deal with problem behavior.

Dogs will be dogs, and we can’t do much to change that. But, we knowing how to deal with problem behavior and understanding why your pooch does what he/she does is crucial.

Here are 3 useful tips on how to handle the situation correctly that can help resolve behavioral problems quickly.

Be Positive

Dogs can sense when you’re being negative. Instead of simply saying NO every time your furry friend does something you don’t want him or her to do, make sure you give your pooch something positive to do.

SIT and HEEL are always better than a dull and annoying NO.

Be Clear And Consistent

Far too often dog owners confuse their pets by using different words and commands and changing them. It doesn’t matter how many times you repeat these command words, if you don’t show the dog what those mean, it will all be in vain.

Don’t Mistake Regular Canine Behavior For Problem Behavior

Another thing is that, what many owners consider “problem behavior” might simply be normal canine behavior.

According to suzanneclothier.com:

“For example, digging is a natural canine activity but distressing to a garden proud owner. Instead of scolding for what comes naturally, it might be kinder to set up an area in which you have buried small treats to make it more attractive than the rest of the yard, and praising your dog for digging in “his” garden.”

In other words – simply allow your dog to be a dog.

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