Corgi-Power: Russian Police Force Is Testing Corgis As K-9 Task Force

August 10, 2019


You have the right to remain cute and fluffy.

Corgis are, without a doubt, among the cutest and most popular dog breeds of today.

They are small, compact, smart, and have a huge heart made of gold. All these traits are also, apparently, making these fluff-balls suitable for Russian K-9 police force.

According to Bored Panda, psychology professor “Stanley Coren ranked the Welsh Corgis as the 11th smartest dog breed. With more than 80% of the time, they will obey your commands and are able to learn in 5-15 repetitions.”

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But Who Knew These Little 4-Legged Rascals Are Police Force Material?

The answer is Moscow Police, as they may soon have the cutest and most adorable K-9 task force ever seen.

It appears that it is Corgis’ compactness and intelligence that makes them perfect for sniffing out contraband products and bombs.

American Kennel Club spokesman, Brandi Hunter, claims that Corgis have special qualities: “They are small and can get into tight spaces, they are extremely smart and very easy to train and they have remarkable noses. Due to these values they would make great search woofers.”

If Corgis do become K-9 task force, I can’t wait to be arrested.

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