CyberDogs – It’s A Thing!

May 29, 2019


The latest breakthroughs in communication technologies are making ways for a brand new two-way communication between us and our pooches.

CyberDogs are actually rescue dogs in an experimental phase of developing Cyber-Enhanced Working Dog (CEWD) technology, and the idea is to enhance the two-way communication between humans and dogs, especially for the service of search and rescue teams.

Fully Functional Prototype

The prototype has been designed at North Carolina State University, and so far their goal to establish better two-way communication between rescue workers and dogs is near completion.

“We’ve developed a platform for computer-mediated communication between humans and dogs that opens the door to new avenues for interpreting dogs’ behavioral signals and sending them clear and unambiguous cues in return,” said Dr. David Roberts, an assistant professor of computer science at NC State and co-lead author.

We have a fully functional prototype, but we’ll be refining the design as we explore more and more applications for the platform.”

The gadget is a harnessed pack of equipment which is mounted on a medium or large-sized dog. It is equipped with sensors, cameras and microphones to send back accurate environmental data to the rescue dog handlers.

Simply awesome.

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