Dog Chow: Choose Wisely To Meet Your Pooch’s Nutritional Needs

August 10, 2019


The situation when it comes to picking the right food for your dog is fairly similar to when you need to decide which foods to pick for yourself in order to eat the healthiest – it’s hard to make a choice with an abundance to choose from while being bombarded with marketing that may or may not truthfully convey what the product is really about.

Consult with your veterinarian on which foods to go for in order to meet the nutritional needs of your dog as this person is not looking to sell you a product and is well versed in the types of foods that will ensure a long and healthy life for your pet from extensive experience.

Your dog will most likely eat commercial food found at a pet store, which is perfectly fine, so when making the choice opt for manufacturers that use real meat instead of meat by-products and that contain vitamins, making them high-quality foods. For now avoid raw food and stick to dry or sometimes wet food recommended by a vet, and watch your dog live a healthy and happy life.

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