Dog Equipment 101: Dog Bedding Ideas And Tips

August 18, 2019

dog bedding

If you are a brand new dog owner, congratulations! The journey is only starting! But aside from all the joy, games, and fun times you are going to experience with your new pooch, there are some basic pieces of equipment you need to take care of.

From bedding and grooming tools, leashes, to bowls and toys… Let’s take a closer look some of the basic equipment you’ll need in order to keep your pooch happy, healthy and content.

Today we focus on: dog bedding ideas and tips.

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Basic Types Of Dog Bedding

We all like to have a comfy bed we can crawl into after a long day, right? The same goes for our canine friends. Much like us humans, pooches enjoy the support, warmth and security of a quality bed.

Here are some basic types of dog bedding you should consider:

1. Made of Natural Materials

Always make sure the material is natural. Synthetic products often contain retardant chemicals that can harm your dog. This is especially important if your furry friend has sensitive skin and is prone to allergies.

2. Non-Skid Bottom

Moving dog beds are annoying and they cause more harm than good.

3. Removable Cover

Beddings that have removable cover are handy as they make it easy when the cleaning time comes.


  • Donut-Shaped or Nest-Style Beds

These are perfect for pooches who love to curl up tight while they are asleep.

  • Cushion, Futon or Raised Beds

These, on the other hand, are ideal for dogs who prefer to sleep stretched out.

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