Dog Equipment 101: Food And Water Bowls

July 20, 2019

water bowls

If you are a brand new dog owner, congratulations! The journey is only starting! But aside from all the joy, games, and fun times you are going to experience with your new pooch, there are some basic pieces of equipment you need to take care of.

From bedding and grooming tools, leashes, to bowls and toys… Let’s take a closer look some of the basic equipment you’ll need in order to keep your pooch happy, healthy and content.

Today we focus on: Food And Water Bowls.

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Types Of Food And Water Bowls

Although this might seem pretty straightforward, you as a fresh dog owner will want to put a bit of thought into the food and water bowls you need to choose for your brand new doggo.

Here are some pros and cons of the 3 most commonly used materials:

1. Plastic Bowls

Although pretty durable and long-lasting, there is always a possibility that your furry friend will be gnawing or chewing on these plastic bowls, so plastic might not be your best choice.

Some dogs may end up ingesting bits of plastic, which can potentially be rather harmful.

2. Ceramic Bowls

Ceramic bowls, on the other hand, are pretty heavy and thus rather stable, which can be a huge pro if your dog tends to push his bowl around the floor while eating due to all the enthusiasm caused by food-time.

The bad thing is that these ceramic bowls are also porous, which means the bowl will need to be cleaned every day.

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3. Stainless Steel Bowls

Stainless steel dog bowls are, of course, the number 1 choice according to vets, for one simple reason – these are VERY easy to clean and sanitize.

Needless to say, stainless steel bowls are also the most durable.

Should you opt for this alternative, make sure you buy a bowl with a rubber coating on the bottom to help prevent sliding.

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