Ecuador Prisons Try New ‘Canotherapy’ for Prisoners

November 18, 2019


It is a proven fact that dogs have the ability to take care of and heal a person in ways that modern medicine cannot. As man’s best friend, it would seem that these animals have a way with us as humans that we never thought to give them credit for.

In Ecuador, prison wardens have also given this fact some thought and believe they have come up with a way to use dogs to heal their inmates.

The process is being called “Canotherapy” and involves giving an inmate the responsibility of raising and training a young canine companion.

The idea is that by giving an inmate (who is preapproved for rehabilitation, by the way) the responsibility of taking care of a young dog they will bond, forming a bridge to rehabilitation that would otherwise take months or even years of counseling and therapy.

The inmates are responsible for giving their furry friends water, food, and discipline in the form of dog show training. The hope is that in addition to these responsibilities, the inmate will also come to love their friend and through that love reach a more stable mindset that will allow for reintegration with society.

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