How To Entertain Your Dog When You’re Not At Home

August 21, 2019

How to entertain your dog when not at home

If you are a dog owner who tends to be away for the most part of your day, then your beloved pooch needs to be able to entertain himself. However, most dog toys are not quite made for unsupervised play.

The majority of available chew or plush dog toys should only be given to your furry-friend when you are there to make sure your dog doesn’t ingest something he shouldn’t be ingesting.

Here we have 2 categories of dog toys that are perfect for your doggo when he’s home alone.

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Food Dispensing Toys

These are practically a must. Food Dispensing Toys are rather useful as these contain a tasty treat that is hard to access so your pooch will be entertained for hours throughout the day.

Basically, you just need to stuff the toy with your dog’s favorite treat, and he will chew and lick it to get to the treat, which will keep him busy until you get home.

Very Hard Chew Toys

Hard dog toys are usually made from nylon or hard rubber, which means they are unlikely to splinter or break apart in large chunks.

However, make sure you don’t leave your canine friend alone with these toys unless you already know he won’t be too aggressive with them. If Fido is in fact a very aggressive chewer, in that case even these hard chew toys are not really suitable for unsupervised play.

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