Facebook Study Uncovers The Difference Between Cat People And Dog People

September 11, 2019

Dog People

We all already know that cat people and dog people are very much different, but now it is pretty much official!

Recent study conducted by the folks over at Facebook found quite a few differences between the Facebook users who like cats better and people who prefer dogs.

Now, you might say this is something of a generalization, and it is, but this study indeed showed that the world tends to divide into two kinds of people – cat people and dog people.

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Raining Cats And Dogs

It is widely believed that dog owners tend to share traits with their pets, which is also the case with cat people, so Facebook decided to conduct a test and investigate if this is really true.

Namely, on International Cat Day (August 8) Facebook analyzed the profiles of over 160,000 American users who shared pictures of cats or dogs via their profiles and compared their activities in order to find certain trends.

Here’s what they found:

  • Dog people are more social – They have an average of 26 more friends than cat lovers.
  • Cat people are more likely to be single – 30% of profiles compared to 24% for dog people.
  • Cat people do tend to get on better with cat people, and dog people with dog people. Surprise surprise…
  • Dog people are more outdoorsy than cat people
  • Dog owners are more likely to live in rural areas
  • Cat people are prone to expressing a wider range of emotions on Facebook,
  • Dog lovers are usually more often excited or proud on this social network
  • Cat people prefer movies like “Dracula” and “Alice In Wonderland,” while dog owners prefer flicks like “Marley & Me.”

Expected and yet interesting, indeed. Do you agree with this study? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

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