How To Find A Good Dog Trainer Online

September 1, 2019

How to find a good dog trainer

If you are looking for a quality dog trainer online, you might be overwhelmed with all these different choices available on the web. In order to find the right trainer using only Google, you need to look for the key words on their offers.

As online reviews are not always fair and balanced, and you don’t always have the luxury of a personal recommendation, you must learn how to interpret the language and look for the key words used on dog-training websites.

In order to provide a general idea of their methods and what might happen to your pooch during their training sessions, canine trainers tend to use some specific, objective sounding terms on their profiles and websites, and you should be able to understand what they mean.

Here we have some of the most commonly used key words to look out for.

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“Force Free” or ”Positive”

Dog trainers who describe themselves and their methods as “force free” or “positive,” won’t be using pain or fear during the sessions. Instead, they will find ways to reward good behavior.

These trainers usually use a clicker and treats, while they will choose to ignore the dog when he’s doing something inappropriate.


If the trainer describes themselves as “balanced,” he or she may use everything from electronic collars to clickers during their dog training sessions. They use this so-called “balance” between things designed to punish the dog for bad behavior and things designed to reward the dog for good behavior.

Any Kind Of Military Term (Like “Boot Camp”)

These terms usually indicate that the canine trainer believes in punishment as the best way to manage behavior.


Acronym LIMA stands for “Least Invasive Minimally Aversive,” which means the trainer will always initially try to use the method that is least likely to cause pain or punishment.

However, if he/she feels the need to move onto more potentially unpleasant options, the trainer will start doing so.

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