Finding The Right Treats For Your Dog

December 10, 2019


Sometimes it is quite hard to resist those pleading puppy eyes which beg for some under-the-table food, and if you give in, your pup just might become a spoiled monster.

Another downside is that those table scraps are usually high in fat, salt or sugar, which can be rather upsetting for your dog’s digestion, and will most certainly divert him from the nutritionally balanced food he should be eating.

This is why you should keep your dog out of the dining room when your family is having lunch, and find alternative, healthy dog snacks for these occasions.

Choosing the Right Treats

It is always best to be on the safe side and find treats which are formulated especially for dogs, and the that are specially designed to please his palate and not upset his stomach.

Try giving him dog fresh veggies such as carrots, green beans or broccoli. These are low in calories, high in fiber and also have dental benefits.

Try keeping track of calories in the treats you give to your pooch, then subtract these from your dog’s total daily diet. This will prevent overindulgence and possible obesity. Also, make sure he eats his nutritionally balanced food before you treat him with snacks.

10 Percent of Total Diet

It is important to keep those treats to under 10 percent of the total food your pet eats. Always check ingredients and fat content, or you can ask your vet about the right type of treats for your pet.

If your pooch is eating a healthy and balanced diet, the right treat at a right time will definitely enrich his life and make him love you even more. If that’s even possible.

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