Is My Dog Overweight?

September 20, 2019

overweight dog

Determining your dog’s ideal weight or body condition is not exactly an easy thing to do, especially if you see your pooch each day and don’t really notice that his/her body is changing.

Some dog breeds have thick coats and big fur and it is quite hard to see what’s really underneath. This is where your hands come in.

You need to use both your hands and your eyes to determine if your canine friend is overweight, and you will want to make sure you are looking at your dog from the side AND from above.

You should be able to see an obvious waistline just after his/her ribs, and if it isn’t there, that means it is time for your pooch to shed some weight.

“Move your hands over your dog’s chest and feel his ribs. If you can find them fairly easily, this indicates that he is in good condition. If you can’t feel his ribs at all, then there is work to be done,” say folks ove rat Love That Pet.

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Health Risks Associated With Overweight And Obesity

If your four-legged friend is overweight or obese, he/she might be at risk of several major conditions that can really make your dog’s life less than enjoyable.

Health risks associated with overweight and obesity in dogs include:

  • Arthritis – When your pooch’s joints have to carry a lot of weight, they are subject to more wear and tear, which will inevitably lead to degeneration of the cartilage and painful arthritis.
  • Breathing difficulties – It’s much more difficult for your dog to breathe when there is a layer of fat surrounding his chest.
  • Heart disease & Diabetes – Canines that have diabetes or heart disease (or both) are more difficult to manage with medication if they are overweight or obese.

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According to Love That Pet: “Even if your dog doesn’t suffer from any of these conditions, it has been shown that if his food intake is restricted throughout his life, he is likely to live longer.”

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