Meet The Doberman Pinscher

January 16, 2019


Looking for an excellent watchdog that is easily trainable and great with the little ones? Well, the Doberman might just be the breed for your standards.


Doberman Pinschers were first bred by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, in the town of Apolda, the German state of Thuringia around 1890.

The dogs served in the dangerous role of local tax collector, and ran the Apolda dog pound.

With access to dogs of many breeds, he aimed to create a breed that would be ideal for protecting him during his collections, so he decided to make a new type of dog that would be the perfect combination of strength, speed, endurance, loyalty, intelligence, and ferocity.


Doberman is a breed of medium-large size with a square build and short coat. Their bodies are compactly built and athletic with endurance and swiftness.

They typically stand between 25.9 inches to 28.3 inches (66 to 72 cm), while the female is typically somewhere between 24.0 inches to 26.8 inches (61 to 68 cm).

The male generally weighs between 75-100 pounds (34-45.4 kg), while the females are usually between 59.5-90.4 pounds (27-41 kg).

Usual colors are fawn, black, red, blue, white.

The Doberman Pinscher should have a proud, watchful, determined, and obedient temperament.


  • excellent guard dogs
  • extremely intelligent
  • adaptable
  • highly trainable


  • prone to dilated cardiomyopathy and cervical vertebral instability (CVI)
  • susceptible to von Willebrand’s disease

Should I adopt/buy a Doberman?

Dobermans are one of the best watchdogs out there. They are extremely loyal, very smart and eager to learn, alert, while being excellent with the kids. If this is the combination you are looking for, the Doberman is the right breed for you.

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