Mexico City’s Bravest Dogs Save Numerous Lives During Recent Earthquakes

September 22, 2019

Bravest Dogs

Natural disasters don’t just bring out the best in humans, they do the same in dogs.

After Mexico City was recently hit by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, hundreds of people unfortunately lost their lives. These numbers could have been much higher if there weren’t for Mexico City’s bravest canines that helped search and rescue teams find people stranded under collapsed buildings.

These four-legged furry heroes, equipped with goggles and canine tactical vests, saved dozens of lives after this horrible disaster struck Mexico City.

One canine that stood out was Frida.

Frida belongs to the Mexican Navy’s Canine Unit and she’s done an amazing job helping human task forces search through destroyed concrete and rubble to find missing people. This brave pooch has helped rescue at least 53 people thus far.

This episode of Frida’s bravery comes just two weeks after the previous major earthquake, when she also saved 12 lives.

This Lab isn’t the only brave canine with remarkable valiant efforts. Here are other pooches that deserve recognition as well:

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