Puppies And Regular Milk

April 15, 2019


We all know newborn pups consume nothing but milk until they’re about 4 weeks old, but the important thing to point out is that the milk should not come from a carton in the grocery store.

Even if the mother isn’t nursing or isn’t available for nursing, it is crucial not to replace your pup’s vital nourishment with regular milk. According to the ASPCA, using puppy-exclusive formula in conjunction with a commercial milk replacer is the way to go in these situations.

Why You Should Avoid Cow’s Milk

Giving your puppy cow’s milk is a big no-no, and the ASPCA warns that cow’s milk can lead to unpleasant and unnecessary upsetting of your pooch’s stomach, belly ache and nasty diarrhea.

Since regular milk does not make a safe alternative for puppy milk replacer, keep it away from your pup and choose the ASPCA’s puppy-exclusive formula.

It is also important to mention that cow’s milk often isn’t suitable for adult doggies, either.

According to the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, majority of canines’ bodies simply aren’t wired and designed to be able to break down lactose, sugar and other dairy items found in regular milk.

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