Rooting Out The Biting Habit

May 25, 2019


Even seemingly innocuous biting can grow into a nasty habit if left unchecked. You are your dog’s master and he sees you as the pack leader, thus you need to show him who’s boss and prevent this bad habit from developing into a dangerous one.

Taking away the Stimuli

Separate your canine friend from the stimuli causing him to bite (this is usually a rubber toy or it can even be another dog).

If your pooch starts to bite during play sessions, like a tug-of-war match, make sure you immediately give him a stern NO command while taking the toy away.

On the other hand, if your dog is provoked by another dog, be sure to separate them, however, never by physically involving into the tricky situation.

Try distracting your dog with a spray of water, or with a sudden, loud noise (horn may do the trick).

Stopping the Play-Session

When playtime gets out of hand, isolate yourself from your dog immediately. Never hit your dog as physical discipline is never the answer with canines. But isolating him sends a clear message – “Bite again, and you won’t get any more attention.”

It is important to be consistent and stay harsh. Ignoring your pooch is never easy, especially if he starts to cry and whine for attention. Remember, wavering of any kind will undo everything you have taught him so far. Consistency is the way to go.

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