Spicing Up Those Dog Walks – Part 2

March 4, 2019


Much like us humans, dogs get bored as well, especially if you have only one route during your walks. Here are some useful tricks on how to mix it up a bit.

Play Date/Walk

Introduce another dog to the whole story by offering to pick up a friend or family member’s dog and take him/her along too.

This is a win-win situation and it can be reciprocated when you need to walk your dog but are unable to.

Also, if the dogs are both social, it will most definitely turn into a fun play date.

Bring along a Shelter dog

Some shelters will let you borrow a dog to bring along on your walks. This way these adoptable dogs get the much-needed affection and exercise, and some time away outside the stressful shelter environment.

Who knows, maybe some of these pooches have the luck to meet a would-be adopter.

Training Time

Dog walks are great opportunities tackle some basic training and strengthen the precious bond between you and your dog.

Make sure to bring some streets and start asking for some reward desired behaviors. Stop, sit, look at me, wait, fetch, and other commands can be learned during the walks.

Fun + productiveness = quality time with your dog.

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