Summertime And Eating Is Easy – Dogs Eat Less Food In Hot Weather

June 11, 2019

When scolding temperatures knock on your door, they are not only here for you, they affect your dog as well.

It is important to keep your dog cool and limit his/her exercise until the cooler temperatures of early mornings or late in the evening.

Young puppies and older dogs are more affected by the heat, so be extra careful with them. When summer comes and your pooch starts eating less food than usual, don’t fret. It is perfectly normal.

Just like when you switch to lighter food during hot months since heavier food is harder to process, your dog starts eating smaller amounts of food because dogs are simply less active during summer, thus they require less food and their appetite is decreased.

Check with your vet for some feeding tips during the hot summer weather. Some vets recommend boiling some chicken, cutting it up into small pieces and sprinkling it in with your pooch’s usual food. Letting your dog cool down before offering food may also help, as well as regular intake of water.

Maybe something else is the case

However, there are many other things that may cause a dog to eat less or stop eating altogether. Go through these questions to see what might be a possible reason in your case.

Did you change your dog’s food? Has something made your dog anxious or increased your dog’s stress? Is it possible your dog is getting food somewhere else?

So, if your dog eats less or has stopped eating entirely and it is not due to hot weather, one of the aforementioned situations just might be the case.

Warning signs

When a dog refuses to eat, there may be underlying health problems such as dental issues, disease, injury, or pain. Sometimes medications can also cause a dog to stop eating.

It is vital for you to know your dog’s habits and check for signs of the problems. Animals tend to hide signs of illness or injury, so you need to pay attention. Some of the warning signs include: lack of energy, diarrhea, vomiting, not drinking enough water, aggressive behavior, weight loss.

But remember, you are the best judge as to whether your dog is acting strangely or not. If you are concerned, then contact your veterinarian asap. You precious pooch just might be in trouble.

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