The Right Time To Stop Using Puppy Food & Move To Adult

September 24, 2019

Dog food

If you noticed that your puppy is starting to grow rapidly and he’s devouring his food like there’s no tomorrow, you may be wondering if it is time to switch to regular dog food for big boys, as Buddy is certainly becoming one.

Here are some general facts and guidelines to take into account before handing him over some adult dog food.

Puppy Food Vs. Adult Food

The main difference is that puppy food contains considerably higher amount of calories and is nutrient-packed in order to help your pup develop strong and healthy bones, muscles, joints and organs.

Adult dog food has much less calories and is not that rich in nutrients, so puppy food shouldn’t be given to your adult dog, as it may cause obesity and growth problems.

In fact, many adult dogs will even refuse to eat it, since it so dense and rich.

Period Of Transition

PetMD recommends keeping your puppy on puppy food until he reaches 1 year of age. Then it is time for the period of transition to adult dog food.

It is important not switch completely in one day. Try replacing the puppy food with adult dog food gradually, over the course of 7 days, constantly increasing the ratio.

If your ball of fur starts to get diarrhea or an upset stomach, decrease the ratio again, and so on, until he’s accustomed to the big boy food.

Contact your vet if you have any concerns about the transition or any side effects.

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