Tom Hardy’s Perfect Explanation About Why Dogs Are THE BEST

August 7, 2019

Tom Hardy

Ok, we all know how and why dogs are the best, but when Tom Hardy explains it, it somehow sounds even more awesome.

It is a well-known fact that Tom is an uber-talented actor and a huge philanthropist, but did you know that it his love for dogs that perhaps defines him the most?

Tom Hardy simply can’t live without his dogs. He brings them everywhere he goes, even on the red carpet!

Never going to run out of #tomhardyholdingdogs pictures 😂 #tomhardy

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If you don’t believe us, check out this cute Instagram page dedicated to photo of Tom Hardy holding dogs called – you guessed it – tomhardyholdingdogs.

Dogs Wear Their Heart On Their Chest

Anywho, in a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Hardy yet again opened up about his love toward our favorite four-legged rascals, and he pretty much nailed the reason why dogs are the best.

They’re just so clean and straightforward, and they wear their heart on their chest,” said Hardy. “You know what you’re getting with a dog. I love that. Unfettered companionship and loyalty in the most boring of manners.”

“The life and the soul is right next to you, keeping the heart ticking over in the room. You know when a dog’s around, there’s good times. . . It’s like, why would it choose to be around us? What the hell does it see in us? We don’t deserve them! What does it see in us that it’s so like, ‘Well, I wanna be with you, you’re awesome?’ I’m not that awesome. You’re awesome.”

No, Tom Hardy, you’re awesome!

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