Why Beagle Might Be Your Perfect Pet Choice

December 21, 2019


No wonder Beagles are among the most popular family pooches. They are small to medium sized, meaning they are quite compact, while they are extremely friendly and adaptable.

Once you get this little rascal, your life will never be the same again. In a good way, that is. And this breed is not among the newly generated canines we are accustomed to today.

Their origin can be traced all the way back to Ancient Greece, around 5th century BC, although the Beagle as we know it today was established in Essex in the 1830s.

The Perfect Blend

The Beagle is said to be the miniature version of the Foxhound. They won’t grow higher than 16 inches (41 cm), and their weight typically goes between 18 – 35 lb (8.2 and 15.9 kg).

These exuberant pooches have small but muscular bodies, while their coat is of medium-length, smooth and hard. As for the color, they come in a range of colors, although the most common combination is white with large black areas and light brown shading.

When it comes to their temperament, these little balls of fur are quite even tempered, they have a gentle disposition, and they enjoy the company of their masters. Unconditional love is definitely their middle name.

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