Why Dogs Rub Their Faces Into Carpet

July 17, 2019


If you frequently catch your pooch brushing and twisting his head into your carpet, don’t be alarmed just yet. It is perfectly normal and there is a reason for that kind of behavior.

Usually, it is because your pup wants to clean himself up, but sometimes the reason is a bit more complicated.

As he goes exploring all those new and exciting places and corners of your backyard, he is likely to pick up quite a few unwanted passengers during his adventures.

These passengers are usually burrs, grass clippings or specks of dust stuck to his face, and they can be pretty annoying.

Small pieces of food also stick around his mouth and nose area. If your pup is a messy drinker, and they usually are, he’s face is probably drenched in water and slobber after he takes a few slurps. The dogs hate the feeling of something ‘alien’ stuck on their face, thus they’ll toss their heads into the carpet, twist and rub their faces wherever they see fit.


On the other hand, your pup might be allergic to something in his environment or to some ingredient found in his food. This causes his immune system to overreact, so he’ll often become very itchy, especially around his face, paws, and tail. He’ll probably bite around his tail, lick his paws and dig his nails into his ears.

Sometimes the rubbing is a symptom of something more serious. It may indicate a problem with a certain area of your little guy’s head, such as his ears, mouth, eyes or nose. This is common with dogs that have infections in those areas. In these cases you’ll also see other symptoms such as discharge, swelling, ear twitching and a lack of appetite. This means it is time to see your veterinarian.

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