12 Most Popular Dog Breeds Among Celebrities

8. Jack Russell Terrier


Jack Russell Terriers have been reigning over the celebrity dog world for decades.

One of their biggest fans is the legendary Mariah Carey, singer extraordinaire.

The worldly-acknowledged performer is the proud owner of four Jack Russells Terriers – the oldest (creatively) named Jack was a gift from Carey’s ex-husband and record executive Tommy Mottola.

He has even made several cameos in her music videos, such as Dreamlover and All I Want For Christmas Is You. He even appeared in her (terrible) movie Glitter. Which pup can ask for more?

Jack has his own fan websites, and he’s a proud representative of his breed. Serena Williams, the best female tennis player in the world, also has a Jack Russell, named Jackie, as her beloved pet.

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