Meet The Pug

December 24, 2019


If you are looking for an extremely dog, kid and cat friendly, small-sized pooch that is easily adaptable and is inconceivably cute and funny looking, the Pug is definitely the breed for you.


Pugs originate from China and were brought to Europe in the sixteenth century when they were popularized in Western Europe by the House of Orange of the Netherlands, and the House of Stuart, Holland’s famous dynasties.

Later, during the 19th century, the United Kingdom’s Queen Victoria developed a huge passion for the breed which she passed on to other members of the Royal family, thus Pugs remained popular into the twenty-first century, with some famous celebrity owners.


These little fellas have a square cobby body and a compact form. Their chest is deep and muscles are well-developed, while their smooth and glossy coats can be fawn, apricot fawn, silver fawn, or black.

They have clearly defined markings and a trace of a black line extending all the way to the tail which normally curls tightly over the hip.

As far as their temperament is concerned, Pugs are usually described as much in little, alluding to the Pug’s remarkable personality, despite their small size. Though these puppies are strong willed, they are rarely aggressive, which makes them great for families with children.

On the other hand, these lazy bags tend to spend a lot of time napping.


  • intelligent
  • great with kids
  • adaptable
  • compact in size


  • susceptible to eye injuries such as proptosis, scratched corneas, and painful entropion.
  • prone to breathing difficulties due to compact breathing passageways

Should I adopt/buy a Pug?

These funny looking balls of fur are loyal, intelligent and great with the little ones, so if you want a small-sized family companion that will enjoy every moment spent with his masters, the Pug is definitely the breed for you.

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