15 Best Watchdog Breeds

2. Boxer


The phrase “a dog who barks never bites” can certainly be applied to the boxer, as he’s a calm and reliable watchdog that can turn any intruder to shreds in mere seconds thanks to his bravery and strength.

With enough force in their jaws to bring down a bear, boxers have been used to fight wild animals a long time ago.

Nowadays, these dogs rarely fight anything, as most potential intruders would live to steal another day rather than going head-to-head with a boxer.

A great thing about the boxer is the fact that he can coexist pretty well with smaller dogs. However, coming in contact with a larger dog might activate his fighting instinct, so watch out for these situations if you’re planning on owning a boxer.

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Love how you guys continuously leave out Staffordshire and pit bull breeds. Never using this site again.