15 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds


Composing a list of the smartest dog breeds takes into account different characteristics, such as teachability, trainability and dog personality. Depending on what the dog’s trainer and owner wish to accomplish, different dog breeds are more suitable for performing certain tasks than others.

That doesn’t make them more or less intelligent, it makes them more or less appropriate for specific living conditions, family composition and task performance. On the other hand, comparing dog breeds based on their ‘intellectual’ abilities is an enjoyable assignment as dog lovers will agree no breed is stupid, some are just smarter than others.

The following list attempts to analyze and compare dog brainpower without hurting any pooch’s feelings or those of its owner.

15. Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier is mostly known for its high energy levels and neediness when it comes to physical activity and long hours that need to be invested in giving this breed proper exercise.

They are happy and loving dogs, but above all, Jack Russell Terriers are smart.

This breed can be quite stubborn, which can make training challenging, but once taught which type of behaviour is acceptable and which isn’t Jack Russell will enjoy structure, routine and order.

Early socialization is important for Jack Russell Terriers to make them well-rounded dogs as it is in their nature to hunt anything they perceive as prey as well as be aggressive and fearless when faced with a challenge or a threat.

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Jan Bryan
I have a Jacky and I must admit, having had dogs all my life, he is one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever had. He is the only dog I know that will check the direction you are pointing rather than checking the end of your finger. Also, when I was trying to teach him to give me his paw, he ignored me. In the end I gave up. A few weeks later I asked him for his paw and he gave it to me. He knew all along what it was but decided not to do it.… Read more »

Lol it caught my attention when you mentioned the finger pointing because any direction i point mine searches in that exact direction for whatever i may be point out… awesome.. he is extremely intelligent..



I seen poodle but i only encountered dumb poodles its definitely abomination… i like bigger dogs but i measure canine intelligence based on how long would that breed live w/out service of man to help feed em…. i see smaller dogs lasting longer from hiding but poodle seems to reliant from human.. out of all types of breeds i only see rottweilers and german sheppard thriving smart tough and versitle… pack of poodles would probably collectively bark and run away from threats eventually becoming food.. german sheppards and rotts will be smart enough to live and survive w out man…… Read more »
Thomas Ford
Not even close. Working with 5 different veterinarians while going to college and volunteering for many animal organizations. Not to mention owning several of the top intelligent breeds I’d have to say without question the Dobermans were head and shoulders above the others. Not only were they fast learners but they thought for themselves. In other words they weren’t little robots like the other breeds above them claiming to be more intelligent. Problem solvers is what I would best describe them. I think the reason people aren’t willing to give the Doberman it’s dues are because of their independent thinking… Read more »

My Jack totally outdoes his bigger buddy companion (doberman) …When i point my finger my jack gets in alert mode and looks and searches in the direction i am pointing without me saying a word.. my dobe on the other hand licks and smells my finger and stares at me like uhhhh.. lol