3 Crucial Dog Care Tips For You And Your Dog This Winter

December 7, 2019


Winter has arrived and whatever your viewpoint on this snowy and cold time of the year, one thing is certain for all of us pet owners – it’s time to pay a bit more attention to our dogs’ needs as our furry canine friends need a little extra care now.

This is exactly why we decided to provide you with our list of 3 main tips to protect your pooch during winter days.

1. Indoors Vs. Outdoors

If you have a small breed dog or an elderly dog who is chronically ill, and you usually keep him/her in the backyard, you might want to consider relocating your pooch during the freezing months.

If you must keep Fido outdoors, however, make sure you provide him with enough protection against the cold.


  • dog clothes
  • warm, dry, and draft free shelter
  • even some kind of booties

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2. Healthy Meals Are A Must

Your dog needs more energy to stay warm when it’s cold, especially if your pooch lives outside, so make sure Fido eats more during the winter.

Also, you need to keep an eye on his water bowl to ensure it hasn’t turned into a miniature frozen lake. Fresh, running water is vital for maintaining your pet’s health, remember that.

3. Salt On The Road Is Dangerous

If you live in an area with cold, snowy and icy winters, this one is definitely for you.

Various types of salt are used to melt the ice on the roads and in the streets (typically calcium or sodium chloride are used for these purposes) and these salts can cause harm to your pooch’s delicate paws.

To prevent this and to keep your pet’s paws safe, you can equip him/her with dog booties. If he/she starts to walk funny, you make sure you grab your camera and send us the video!

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