Dog Saves Boy Who Fell Into A Sewer – ‘To Him It’s Just Hide & Seek’

December 11, 2019


It appears that life indeed has a tendency to imitate fiction. We all know the story of how Lassie, a famous TV’s Collie who had his own television show and movies back in the day, saved little Timmy when he fell into a well, and now it is time for another dog-hero to have his moment.

Good Boy Copper

A Bloodhound named Copper managed to track down and rescue a 6-year-old boy, Kollin Bailey, who fell into a sewer.

Namely, little Kollin from Utah was flying his kite on Friday, December 6, when he tripped and fell 10 feet into a sewer, hitting his head and staying unconscious for a while.

When the boy regained consciousness, he cried for help but unfortunately, no one was able to hear his cries.

His parents reported that we was missing and nowhere to be found, so the West Valley City Police Department sent out a search team with our hero Copper, and the bloodhound found the boy after 20 minutes of searching.

Kollin Won’t Be Missing Christmas

The following day, Bailey met Copper in officially arranged meeting and gave his hero a bag filled with delicious dog treats.

He saved my life. I was really scared. I thought I was going to miss Christmas,” Kollin stated.

Copper is well known for his endeavors. The K-9 Unit hero has tracked down 81 suspects and missing people so far.

“To him, it is just a game of hide and seek. It’s kind of a nice change of pace from finding bad guys to actually helping a family out,” proud was Sergeant Shane Matteson.

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I love dogs so much


omg I love Bloodhounds–their ears are so cute! good boy Copper! ur the best!