Keeping them active – 12 fun ways to exercise your pet


Owning a pet is never as simple as just feeding him or letting her outside to use the bathroom. Like people, pets need physical and mental exercise in order to live a long and happy life. The following activities are fun ways for you and your dog to bond while getting in some valuable exercise.

1. A Simple Walk

It may be old fashioned, but your dog really isn’t going to know the difference between a beach vacation spent walking along the sand with you and traversing the streets and sidewalks of your neighborhood.

For your dog, the beauty is in simply getting out of the house and exploring, smelling, seeing different sights and surroundings for mental stimulation.

But the most important part about walking your dog is the bond you create as her pack leader, increasing her loyalty and trust.

The key to a fun, bonding experience during your walk is to use a short leash and keep your dog next to you, rather than letting her run ahead on a retractable leash.

When your dog walks ahead of you, she is taking on the role of pack leader, and is paying attention to everything except you. This creates confusion about who is the boss, and it can have unpleasant effects in her behavior at home.

The ideal walk duration for most dogs is at least 30 minutes. For high-energy breeds, strive to walk for an hour. Kick up the pace and keep the walk interesting by mixing in the occasional jog or sprint to rev up your and your pup’s heart rate and metabolism.

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