Shedding Some Dog Weight – Part 1: Diet

July 6, 2019


Obesity in dogs is definitely a growing problem (no pun intended), as overweight pooches are more prone to serious health issues such as diabetes and heart disease. If you’ve noticed that your dog has started putting on some extra weight lately, it is certainly time for our two-fold weight loss program, consisting of diet change and exercise routine. Today on our menu: diet.

The Right Food

A treat in form of human food every now and then is perfectly fine, but overdoing it can cause a quick weight gain.

Standard dog food can also be tricky as it can be way too high in calories for your dog as these foods vary in the amount of nutrients for certain breeds.

If you are not sure which dog food to buy for your furry friend, consulting your vet is always a good idea. If your pooch is already on the heavy side, your vet will prescribe special low fat/high fiber foods which are not available in pet stores.

The Right Amount

On the other hand, even these healthy dog foods may lead to obesity if you overload your pet’s bowl each time, and especially if you are leaving a full bowl out all day for him to feed freely. You need to establish two or three mealtimes on a daily basis, and also make sure you consult your vet for the recommended amount of food for you ball of fur.

Visit Amazon and find Healthy Treats for your Dog

You should significantly reduce dog treats as well. Most people don’t know that treats should never make up more than 10% of a diet, and that is for healthy dogs. This means that this percentage should be even lower for overweight dogs.

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