Top 12 Dogs That Are Easy To Train


No matter what they’re used to, most potential dog owners usually look for a dog breed they can easily coexist with. This usually refers to a breed’s ability to learn and become trained without difficulties, among other things. In that name, here are the top 12 dogs that are easy to train.

1. Brittany Spaniel

When it comes to being cute, energetic, happy, and easy to train, no breed excels at all of the aforementioned as much as the Brittany spaniel does.

Obedience training comes naturally to this breed, as it quickly gets accustomed to having an alpha around. With a bit of positive motivation, training this spaniel variation will be more messing around than actual training.

On a quick note, don’t forget that Brittany spaniels have a tendency to be shy despite being able to zig-zag outside for hours on end. In other words, a bit of socialization can do this pooch nothing but good.

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