Top 12 Dogs That Are Easy To Train

February 12, 2019


No matter what they’re used to, most potential dog owners usually look for a dog breed they can easily coexist with. This usually refers to a breed’s ability to learn and become trained without difficulties, among other things. In that name, here are the top 12 dogs that are easy to train.

1. Brittany Spaniel

When it comes to being cute, energetic, happy, and easy to train, no breed excels at all of the aforementioned as much as the Brittany spaniel does.

Obedience training comes naturally to this breed, as it quickly gets accustomed to having an alpha around. With a bit of positive motivation, training this spaniel variation will be more messing around than actual training.

On a quick note, don’t forget that Brittany spaniels have a tendency to be shy despite being able to zig-zag outside for hours on end. In other words, a bit of socialization can do this pooch nothing but good.

2. Bolognese


No, we’re not talking about spaghetti, but instead a small, loving, cute, and easily trainable canine known as the Bolognese.

This European breed is actually multifunctional – it can be a toy dog if it’s small enough, while bigger individuals will feel most at home if you have a back yard. In any case, training this pooch won’t be something you’ll worry about.

The small size of the Bolognese indicates that it’s an extremely loyal breed, which means it will do whatever you tell it as long as you stay with it. Also, this breed is very smart, which makes training even easier.

3. German Shepherd


A breed doesn’t become the most recognized police and military dog in the world because it’s stupid or stubborn, and the best proof of that comes from the German Shepherds.

Since they’re considered to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds out there, German Shepherds are also one of the most easily trainable breeds.

In fact, this breed is able to do almost any task you set before it, thanks to its intelligence, but also size and strength.

Be careful, though, as the German Shepherd often requires to be socialized from a very young age. This is because this breed can be very protective of its master, but with a bit of treats and consistency, your pooch will find its way.

4. Greyhounds


Surely you didn’t imagine seeing a racing dog on the list of breeds that are easy to train, did you? Well, as far as greyhounds go, you better believe it’s true!

Despite being known as ‘bullet dogs’ (due to their speed), greyhounds are among the laziest breeds out there. The “forty-five mile per hour couch potato” will often slouch around and pick sleep over playing.

Nonetheless, these dogs will really run if you want them to. Jogging is much more fun with a greyhound, however, they don’t require a lot of exercise. They prefer to work with their brain by learning tricks, rather.

5. Poodle


There’s a common misconception about show dogs – especially those with fancy hairdos and fabulous fur – being pretty dumb. That’s why we’ve got our poodle friend to shoo any doubt away.

Believe it or not, but poodles are very loving and devoted dogs. The ultimate goal of any member of this breed is to please, which allows it to pick up training and tricks pretty easily and gladly.

Apart from being easy to train, poodles are also one of the most even-tempered breeds out there, while their maintenance isn’t very demanding either. If there was a triple threat among dog breeds, it would be the poodle.

6. Doberman Pinscher


Most of us recognize the Doberman Pinscher as one of the most common guard dogs out there, and you can rest assured that this is for a good reason.

It’s known for its speed and endurance, but the Doberman also possesses a lot of intelligence and know-how. Training this breed basically requires you to help it discern friend from foe, as it can do everything else by itself.

In other words, don’t be intimidated by the size and looks of a Pinscher – this dog is ready to put its life on the line for its alpha, so make sure to have a firm hand while training this vastly intelligent and faithful pooch.

7. Labrador Retriever


When it comes to having the ‘whole package’, we can’t think of any other breed fitting the description better than the Labrador retriever.

Unlike their golden cousins, Labrador retrievers are a very intelligent breed. When this is combined with an affinity for messing around and the endless loyalty and eagerness to please, you get a pooch that will learn things fast while still having fun doing it.

We almost forgot to mention one of the best traits of this breed – it adores kids! Bottom line, the Lab is a fun-loving, sweet, smart, and low-maintenance dog that can be an awesome addition to any household.

8. Bullmastiff


Giant dogs are usually considered stupid, stubborn, or even hostile and aggressive. Luckily for their kind, the bullmastiff is here to prove this theory wrong.

Being 130 lbs heavy at a towering height of 27” does seem a bit scary, but bullmastiffs are actually some of the most even-tempered and calm breeds out there. It excels at lying around instead of chewing on pillows, which is a great plus in terms of training requirements.

The only downside to this breed is its massive size. Bullmastiffs occasionally get excited when you walk them, but as soon as you teach your dog to stop pulling, both of you will be on your way to a prosperous and carefree life.

9. Collie


Just imagine how hard it would be to film “Lassie Comes Home” if it didn’t feature as easily trainable dog as a collie.

Their versatility speaks for itself – collies have been used for centuries as guard dogs, service dogs, search and rescue dogs, and above all else, family dogs.

This is because collies are very, very intelligent canines which possess the ability to learn virtually anything with a bit of positive reinforcement.

Although it requires very little training, a collie is infamous for its grooming requirements. That beautiful, long coat won’t comb itself and will literally snow hair if you neglect it.

10. Golden Retriever


A pooch doesn’t have to be the brightest tool in the shed in order to be trained easily, and the golden retriever is the embodiment of this.

The ease at which a golden retriever observes and adopts rules and tricks comes from his immense devotion and adoration for his master. There aren’t that many breeds out there that will be as eager to please you as the golden retriever will.

Above all, this breed will always have fun no matter what’s it doing. This also includes training, which means those sessions that you though will be tedious can actually be rather fun when you’re dealing with a golden retriever.

11. Papillon


It’s beautiful as much as it’s weird-looking, and can be rebellious despite showing complacency most of the time – we’re just described the Papillon to you.

This small dog breed is very popular in dog shows that include obstacle courses thanks to its intelligence and energy. That being said, the Papillon ranks among the highest of the most easily trainable dogs in the world.

A word of caution, however – this pooch is known to rebel from time to time. It mostly does it out of playfulness and spite, but these episodes never last longer than an hour and rarely result in any real problems.

12. Border Terrier


Some people think it doesn’t look like much, but there are only a few other breeds that take training as willfully and as easily as the Border terrier.

Don’t let the small size fool you – once a Border terrier sets its eyes on a task, few things can stop him from completing it as long as there’s a tasty reward waiting at the end. Their most dominant features are persistency, devotion, and fearlessness.

The only thing you should keep an eye out while training a Border terrier is harsh discipline – going for that over positive reinforcement may seem like a good idea, but it will ultimately lead your dog to unresponsiveness and simply becoming uninterested.

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