Top 15 Cutest Dog Training Tips Your Kids Are Gonna Love

11. Turn On/Off Lights


Teaching your dog to turn the lights on and off may be one of the hardest tricks.

It’s advisable that you teach this trick at the end, when your dog has lots of foreknowledge.

Although it may be hard, complicated and difficult, it will surely pay off, at least when it comes to your children.

Your kids, even the small ones, will be amazed at the level of intelligence their dog possesses, and they will be able to give the command out of bed, for an example.

If only your dog could tuck your kids in, you won’t be needing a babysitter at all. On the other hand, is there even a “nanny” or babysitter better and more lovable and trustworthy than your furry family member? But do call a babysitter.

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