Top 15 Cutest Dog Training Tips Your Kids Are Gonna Love

13. Jumping Through A Hoop


If you liked the idea of jumping the rope, you’re going to love jumping through a hoop. And most importantly at the moment, your kids are going to love it too.

This is an easy trick to teach, so your kids can do this alone. Let your dog get used to the hoop, put it on the ground and click and treat when he approaches it.

While someone holds the hoop on the floor in front of the dog, call or lure him through the hoop. Click and treat as he walks through the hoop.

Repeat this a few times so he will get used to walking through it, and then hold the hoop a bit higher and tell him to “leap!” Click and treat if he jumps through the hoop and keep on giving the hoop more height, clicking and treating each time.

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