Top 7 Most Emotional Dog Breeds With Most Sensitive Souls

October 5, 2019

Emotional Dog Breeds

Yes, we know that ALL dogs are sensitive and emotional (unlike cats, that is), but there are some breeds that are simply much more sensitive than others.

Of course, when we say that a dog is “sensitive,” we never mean that in a bad way. We’re simply saying that some breeds are just a tad more emotionally vulnerable and delicate than others.

You know all those hilarious guilty dog pictures you come across all over social media? Well, those are usually the photos of the following 7 emotional dog breeds! So, if you’re looking for a pooch that doesn’t hesitate to show his/her emotions, this is the list for you!

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7. Lab

Labradors were bred to be sensitive and gentle around people, and it is in their blood to love unconditionally. However, while they are still young, they might not be too gentle with kids as they are not aware of their size, and they simply can’t control their love and affection.

Also, when you don’t give them all the love they need back, they tend to be huge drama queens!

6. Rottweiler

Since the Rottweiler is a powerful working breed, they might be very foreboding to strangers, but when it comes to their owners they turn into emotional, sensitive and loving machines. They will stay loyal to their owners throughout their whole lives and will provide you with all the unconditional love any dog owner needs.

5. French Mastiff

Emotional Dog Breeds

Although the French Mastiff may appear intimidating to some, this breed is actually very emotionally soft and tender and one can quite easily hurt their feelings. They are very sensitive to their owners and are deeply loyal and affectionate to the people they know and are surrounded by.

They don’t care too much about strangers, but these pooches will always respond strongly to the feelings and emotional well-being of their owners.

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Emotional Dog Breeds

Perhaps the most famous lapdog breed, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one of the gentlest and caring dog breeds in modern canine history. They are affectionate, emotional and sensitive companions that simply live for spending time with their families and like to see their owners happy.

They understand the emotions of people and make excellent therapy dogs for those in need.

3. Border Collie

Emotional Dog Breeds

This breed is one of the safest and most love-packed choices for all families who seek a new pooch. These little rascals are very soft and loving dogs that are extremely emotionally sensitive toward their owners.

They are quite easy to train and work with because they respond very well to whatever their owner wants from them. Plus, they are GREAT with kids!

2. Australian Shepherd

Emotional Dog Breeds

These beautiful pooches are very serious toward livestock (that’s what they were made for), but they are extremely caring and sensitive to their owners and people they know. The Australian Shepherd is an affectionate and social breed that enjoys every second spent with the family.

This sensitivity and emotional capacity of theirs makes them easy to train and thus perfect for people who seek a friendly pet for life.

1. Pit Bull Terrier

Emotional Dog Breeds

Yes, even though the American Pit Bull Terrier has a very bad reputation, these strong and intimidating pooches are actually very sensitive and emotional dogs.

Despite their size and build, this breed was developed to be soft and gentle toward their owners. It is only their need to fight off other animals that made them perceived as aggressive. Today, Pit Bull Terrier is a very loving and affectionate breed that responds strongly to their owner’s desires and emotions.


So there you go peeps. Our pick for 7 most emotional dog breeds that are much more sensitive and emotional than one might have thought. What do you think? Did we forget any of your favorite dog breeds? Feel free to mention those in the comments section below!

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