Why Dogs Bond More With That One Special Someone

September 15, 2019


Although dogs are usually protective of every member of your household, there is always that one person with whom a dog will choose to establish that special bond. In most cases this is the person who provides the food and playtime activities, but that is not always the case.

Love, Chemistry and Bonding

Much like us humans, our canine friends have feelings and the emotional chemistry which establishes those special connections.

Sometimes the chemistry between a dog and a person may be through the roof, even though that person isn’t responsible for food or other activities which make a dog bond with a human.

Sometimes there’s something special about that individual (it can be his attitude, touch or tone of voice) that makes the dog love that person more than others.

If you feel that the bond between you and your pooch isn’t that strong, you can do certain things to strengthen that bond. Take a hands-on role in feeding, offer him treats (but not too often), make sure you provide all the physical attention your furry buddy needs.

Oh yeah, and never yell or physically discipline your dog, as this kind of behavior leads to major mistrust issues.

Reasons For Dog Not To Bond

Dogs can be rather picky. Sometimes one member of your family might feel as if the family dog doesn’t really care for him or her. This lack of bonding might be caused by the lack of attention this person is paying to your pooch.

Canines are tricky that way, they can sense love, but also indifference. Clever little rascals.

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