9 World’s Most Popular Dog Toys


Playing with toys and chewing on things are natural canine behaviors. Although some pooches do it more than others, a dog toy is almost crucial an item in a life of a dog.

In fact, scientists have proven that canines even develop major behavioral problems if they are not provided with all the proper outlets to follow their instincts. This is where dog toys come in, and they come in many shapes and sizes, including dog bones, puppy toys, balls, tug toys, squeaky toys, discs and frisbees, plush toys… and these serve different purposes.

Puppies, for example, need rubber toys they can chew on, especially if they are teething, while playing with different toys encourages exercise and benefits his overall health.

On the other hand, it’s important to remember that all toys can also pose a risk. No matter how sturdy a toy seems, there is still a possibility that pieces can be chewed off and ingested.

Here are nine most popular dog toys and, of course, if you notice that some really cool popular toy is missing, feel free to add them in the comments section.

1. Rope Toys

What dog doesn’t love to chew on a good and thick rope, right? There aren’t many toys out there that are as fun as dog rope toys.

Not only are they sturdy, durable and safe for play, these are also quite beneficial when it comes to the health of your dog’s teeth. Chewing on these bad boys will help wipe your dog’s teeth clean with every minute of biting and playing with it. Healthier mouth is only a rope toy away.

Rope toys are usually made from machine washable cotton with earth-friendly dyes. Cesar Millan, probably the most famous dog trainer in the world, says: “Make play sessions both productive and fun with a focus that allows a mental component in addition to the physical.”

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