3 Dog Toys You Didn’t Know Were Dangerous

July 13, 2019

dog toys

When summer days come, we all start thinking about our dogs, their exercise, and their leisure time.

Since the weather is now perfect for play-time, your four-legged friend is probably begging you to spend time in the outdoors, running around, exploring and having fun.

This is where dog toys come into play (sorry for the pun).

However, certain popular dog toys can be rather hazardous for your beloved pooch. Let’s see which toys exactly, and why!

Squeaky Toys That Contain Squeaky Balls In Them

Ah, the notorious squeaky toy… probably one of the most annoying things humankind ever created. But did you know that these awful things are also pretty dangerous for your dog?

These dog toys are usually prone to being destroyed rather easily, and although the squeaky toy may seem pretty harmless, it is not.

After destroying this type of toy, some dogs can end up chocking on the little squeaky ball inside the toy. Plus, the gum cam also cause medical issues if swallowed. So, double hazard right there!

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Tug Toys

Tug toys are a true classic among the most popular dog toys, however, there are debates popping up ever-so often on dog forums about whether these toys are dangerous or not.

The truth is there are many pros and cons to this issue:


  • Good for keeping your dog (especially larger breeds) under control when over excited
  • Is good for teaching pups how to share


  • Prone to causing tooth damage
  • The dog may become over aggressive and even bite the owner
  • Dog may challenge owners authority

Ultimately, it is your choice.

Pig Ears

For some strange reason, these Pig Ears toys are still a thing. Dogs, especially large breeds, might end up swallowing these toys, and not only will they have a hard time digesting them (and will usually end up throwing them up), there’s also the possibility of a pig ear getting lodged into the dogs throat.

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