Can I Use Human Soaps And Shampoos On My Dog? (Part 2)

December 18, 2019


The answer to this question is quite simple – You can, but make sure you don’t. The thing is that human toiletries like soaps and shampoos are bad for your canine friend since canines have higher skin pH levels.

However, there are some human-oriented products that are safe to use on your pooch. Last time we mentioned Castile and Pine Tar soaps, today we are talking about:

Glycerin Soaps

Although it might sound a bit strange, Glycerin soaps are pretty good. They are solid, translucent and commercially available in a wide variety of colors and scents.

The glycerin used in these soaps is usually made from animal fat, plant oils, or synthetics, however, you do need to double check the label before buying any of commercially available ones as they may contain detergents or other additives that can be harmful to your pooch.

Make sure you buy the one that is all-natural, plant-based, but unscented. If you do want the scented ones, be sure to pick the one scented with dog-safe botanical oils.

Accidental Soap Ingestion

Also, make sure these soaps are out of your dog’s reach once the bathing is over. Even though all these soaps are nontoxic, they shouldn’t be ingested in large quantities, and we all know how canines like all things that are soft and smell nice.

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