Housetraining – Night Time Bathroom Routine

December 13, 2019


Dogs typically don’t need to go that often at night, thus dog owners who have their buddies living inside don’t need to wake up every couple of hours for a bathroom break. However, this modified version of the housetraining routine is definitely worth trying.

Getting your dog through the night

Try offering your pooch one last bathroom break about an hour before you turn in. Put the crate in your bedroom and give him some time to settle down and fall asleep. When you are ready for bed yourself, take him outside and he’ll most likely pee within a few minutes.

Morning Routine

As soon as you get up in the morning, rush him outside again for another break. This way he will learn to do his business outside.

If your pup is four months old, or younger, you’ll probably need to take him outside at least once during the night.

In these cases it is best to set the alarm to go off five to six hours after your pup’s previous bathroom break.

If the little fellow doesn’t soil his crate for, let’s say, two weeks in a row, you can set the alarm for 15 minutes later the next night, and so on, if the routine turns out to be successful.

If your pup ends up soiling the crate, set the alarm an hour earlier the next night.

However, if these routines prove to be unsuccessful for your pooch, it would be a good idea to visit your vet, as he might be having some physical problems which are making it hard for your doggy to hold it.

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