Multiple Puppies? – A Guide To Avoiding Mealtime Fights

December 8, 2019


They might be adorable, cuddly and cute, but canines are aggressive animals by nature, especially when it comes to guarding their food. If you have multiple dogs, chances are they will get into a conflict during mealtime as they see one another as a possible threat.

Patience & Persistence to the Rescue

Aggression over food is associated with the canine struggle for dominance. As this is innate behavior in canines, you need to realize that patience and persistence are crucial in these situations.

When it comes to food, the alpha always eats first, so if one your dogs is menacing you or your other dogs during mealtime, he is probably trying to establish himself as an alpha male and assert his dominance over the household.

This is where you need to come in and train your pooch to be obedient and submissive to you as he must consider you as his alpha.

This is what experts at Daily Puppy suggest you do: “When you take your dog for walks, make sure that you lead him and not the other way around. Train your dog to respond to vocal commands and reward him only when he obeys. Discourage fighting among your dogs by disciplining them when they are hostile towards each other. Take control of mealtime by filling the bowls out of your dog’s reach. Order him to sit before giving him his bowl. Feed your dogs separately if they have issues eating in the same room.”

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