Why Commercial Dog Food Can Be bad For Your Dog

September 28, 2019


Although it is probably the easiest way to feed your pooch, commercial dog food is not always the best option. The majority of illnesses in dogs are caused by poor quality commercial food, which is why you should consider introducing home cooked meals whenever you can.

Bad Meat

Most commercial dog foods contain poor quality meat, which means usually meat by-products from a rendering plant and the much needed protein is not available.

The mineral chromium, which is crucial for regulating blood glucose levels, is also usually omitted, which can lead to diabetes, or mental disorders like nervousness and depression.

All the essential minerals and other nutrients are available in quality raw muscle meat, liver and other natural foods you can easily cook.

Cheap Fillers

In order to bulk out the poor quality base, companies usually add cheap fillers to their dog food. These fillers are anything that is cheap on the world market – sugar, corn, basically any carbohydrate. Since carbohydrates are converted into sugar on digestion, the foods can lead to diabetes or other serious diseases.

Toxic Chemicals

Highly toxic chemicals are normally banned in human foods, however, commercial dog foods are filled with isolated and synthetic nutrients, that are mostly indigestible. These include: colors, flavors, texture enhancers, preservatives, etc.

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Caryn Karason
Caryn Karason
8 years ago

Instead of telling us what’s bad about commercial dog food, why don’t you tell us what to avoid? People don’t realise you should avoid foods that mention meat and meat derivatives, etc. Always go for something that has a fixed formula, eg, chicken meal, beet pulp etc. People don’t know what to look out for when choosing a commercial dog food and raw food diets are very controversial because there’s also the raw vs cooked and the different bacteria they can pick up.